Piercing Calm 10ml

Piercing Calm 10ml
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  • Item #: PC10ml
  • Manufacturer: Nutattoo
NuTattoo Piercing Calm, an ultimate liquid skin restorative that soothes skin and can reduce healing time for new Piercings. Especially effective for hard to heal cartilage. It is suitable for all skin types and is made of only the finest natural and chemical free ingredients. May gently sooth and rebuild skin tissue. Helps reduce healing time for new Piercings and does not leave residue like sea salt so rinsing becomes unnecessary and the healing product stays active on the pierced area. Safe to use as needed without risk of breaking down skin tissue. Excellent for cleaning and maintaining jewelry. Stretching, ear lobes, nipples, and navel piercings,do well with our Aftercare Balm as well. (see Tattoo care products) FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY Use sparingly. Shake well before using. NEVER PICK OR FORCE TURN NEW PIERCINGS. Always consult your Piercer for complete aftercare instructions. NO TESTING ON ANIMALS. Ingredients: distilled water, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils of Lavender, and Helichrysum
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