AfterCare Cleansing Soap 1/4 oz.

AfterCare Cleansing Soap 1/4 oz.
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  • Item #: ACCS1/4oz
  • Manufacturer: Nutattoo
NuTattoo Aftercare Cleansing Soap is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic soap that replaces typical green soap in a gentle, refreshing and soothing manner. It does not contain any alcohol so there is minimal or no burning at all. (Alcohol is not a tuberculocide and it will not kill HIV or Hep C.) When Clients are given a soap to use at home, there is no misunderstanding as to what or which soap will be appropriate or gentle enough for a new Tattoo. Nu Tattoo Soap has no citrus acid, perfumes, or harsh detergents that can lift color. Our 1/4 oz. gentle wash is perfect for Client use at home. Nu Tattoo Soap is available in 32oz. concentrate, that when diluted with water, lasts and lasts during Tattoo application as well as 1/4 oz. sizes for Client aftercare. Shake well before each application. Ingredients: Distilled Water, Castille, Aloe and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil of Lavender
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