Tattoo Cleansing Agent Concentrate 32oz.

Tattoo Cleansing Agent Concentrate 32oz.
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  • Item #: TCAC32
  • Manufacturer: Nutattoo
NuTattoo Soap is an active antiseptic soap, gentle and soothing, that most effectively replaces typical green soap. It does not contain any alcohol so there is minimal or no burning at all. Alcohol is not a tuberculocide and it will not kill HIV or Hep C. Surgeons use surgical soap strictly for cleaning skin before surgery but not during surgery when the skin is already open. NuTattoo Soap is the sensible, natural approach in tattoo application that is gentle and active. NuTattoo Soap is available in 32oz. concentrate that lasts and lasts when diluted with water for tattoo application as well as 1/4 oz. sizes for Client aftercare.
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